Lauren Adelman is a visual artist and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work explores environmental and social issues through printmaking, drawing, animation and other media. Most recently she has been focused on the interconnectedness between the physical systems within our bodies and the systems of living that we create socially, institutionally and mechanically. Lauren co-founded and is the Director of Artistic Noise. Artistic Noise is an arts and entrepreneurship program for youth in the juvenile justice system and non-adjudicated youth living in the communities they serve. By working both inside the detention facility and back in the community, Artistic Noise provides continuity for youth who are often experiencing trauma and upheaval in their lives. Lauren has also worked as an educator at the Museum of Modern Art since 2006. She graduated with a BFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts and a MA in Arts Education from NYU. Lauren first became interested in art as a means of social change while working for Potters for Peace in Nicaragua in 1996.