The Banner Project – The Brooklyn Residential Center, Brooklyn, NY
February 2005 – May 2005

The Banner Project was a collaboration between Lauren Adelman, Danielle McDonald and a group of adolescent girls living in a residential facility in Brooklyn, NY. During this project we came together to discuss issues of identity and to explore art as a vehicle for sharing one’s personal stories, and how these stories can raise awareness to the lived experiences of incarcerated young women.

The project began by viewing a digital slide show of contemporary artists who create socially engaged work in the public sphere. In response to the conversations around this slide show, the girls chose to paint large-scale banners, sharing stories about themselves, as their public artwork. The final designs were created from the photography and identity collages the girls created.

The five completed 3’ x 8’ banners were showcased in an NYU sponsored exhibition in a downtown Manhattan space. The banners incorporated images that represented who the girls are individually and collectively as young women involved in the juvenile justice system.

Banner Project

Banner Project. 7.5' x 8' Latex paint on canvas
Beautiful, Chris, Donesha, Dominique, Liz, Shavonne. 2005